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Flavorful pesto spaghetti sauce is adaptable to many diets

As I write this I’ve been eating according to an autoimmune protocol (AIP) for a couple of weeks.  Pin It

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Simple spinach pesto recipe

This winter pesto recipe uses spinach and has no nuts or Parmesan cheese.

Sweeten your food naturally with date puree

Did you know you can use pureed dates as a substitute for maple syrup, honey or refined sugar? Pin It

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A flavorful dip or spread: roasted carrot hummus

This nontraditional hummus is made with roasted carrots and tahini (sesame paste) but without the usual garbanzo beans. Pin It

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How to make your own ghee

It’s easy to make your own ghee (also known as clarified butter). Here are simple instructions.

Garden-fresh tomato-almond pesto

If you’re looking for ways to preserve your garden produce, this simple, satisfying, freezable pesto makes use of fresh tomatoes […]

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Refrigerator pickles recipe, and a pickle memory

This summer was my first time making pickles. It was necessary; cucumbers kept arriving each week in our CSA (community-supported […]

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Grilled whole chicken with mustard-date barbecue sauce

Nothing says summer like barbecued chicken on the grill! Pin It

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Avocado mayonnaise (no-egg!)

For anyone who loves mayonnaise but can’t tolerate eggs, here is an easy recipe for mayonnaise made with avocado. It’s […]

Strawberry salsa two ways

You’re familiar with fresh, sweet strawberries for dessert, but did you know they pair nicely with savory dishes? Pin It

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A simple recipe for a shortcut herb blend

A prepared herbal blend like  poultry seasoning or Italian seasoning can be a convenient time-saver over trying to mix individual […]

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BLT-ranch iceberg wedge—a crunchy treat of a salad

Does iceberg lettuce wrongly have a reputation for being the junk food of the vegetable world? Pin It

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