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Cacao nib cookie dough bites

These sweet and somewhat habit-forming little domes look exactly like cookie dough ready to pop right into the oven.  Pin It

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A romantic Valentine’s Day dinner: duck breast with balsamic grape sauce

For a romantic Valentine’s Day, why not treat your sweetheart to an out-of-the ordinary home-cooked dinner? Pin It

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Banana-coconut cookies for on-the-go energy

Several days into my January paleo autoimmune/anti-inflammatory diet, there are some aspects that are working and others I’m still working through. […]

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Simple spinach pesto recipe

This winter pesto recipe uses spinach and has no nuts or Parmesan cheese.

Spaghetti squash ‘noodles’ recipe

When you bake spaghetti squash and drag a fork over the pulp, it magically forms tiny strands. These “noodles” are a […]

Herb bread for Thanksgiving dinner or stuffing

This nutty and textured bread can be served for Thanksgiving dinner or used for stuffing or dressing. Pin It

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Sweeten your food naturally with date puree

Did you know you can use pureed dates as a substitute for maple syrup, honey or refined sugar? Pin It

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A flavorful dip or spread: roasted carrot hummus

This nontraditional hummus is made with roasted carrots and tahini (sesame paste) but without the usual garbanzo beans. Pin It

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A side dish or dessert with Indian flair: carrot-cardamom pudding

Indian cuisine is all about fragrant spices and seasonings. Once when invited to dinner at the home of my husband’s […]

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An accidental paleo-ite, and an on-track energy bite

You’ve probably heard about one of the latest diet trends, the paleo (paleolithic) diet. There are lots of interpretations of […]

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A bacon-ish, jerky-ish eggplant snack

To me, eggplant seems a little mysterious, with its smooth, thick exterior and porous interior. In Britain they call it […]

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A cookie recipe, and the why and wherefore of sweets

Since eating according to the Whole30 guidelines this past January, I now have sweets only very seldom and refined sugar almost […]

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