About Me

Eileen Beran

Eileen Beran, November 2011

Food is important to me. I love preparing, eating, and searching out good food, whether it’s everyday, special occasion, or away from home. And no matter what the dietary restrictions, I want everyone at the table to be nourished, included, and happy.

My culinary background starts with my mom’s good cooking and willingness to experiment. She fed us curry when we’d never heard of it, made sauerbraten (vinegar-marinated beef; very smelly) once, and her sloppy joes were the best I’ve had anywhere. When I had my own family, we ate a vegan and then vegetarian diet for a few years, and during that time I tried to make meals that would appeal to anyone.

We moved from St. Paul, Minnesota, to the charming little town of Kalona, Iowa, in 2000, and were delighted to discover local high-quality organic meats and poultry. We were also blessed with dear friends who encouraged my interest in food. In a small town, restaurant options are limited, so I’ve had a lot of practice making meals for get-togethers and learning the art of the planned potluck dinner.

At present, my husband has food intolerances that include gluten and lactose, presenting another set of challenges and rewards. See my Examiner site for articles about gluten-free eating. I also write a weekly column, “Everybody Eats,” for our town newspaper, The Kalona News, with conventional as well as gluten-free recipes.

My professional background is in publications–graphic art, Web site work, and health care-related editing and writing. See my site for more information.