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A romantic Valentine’s Day dinner: duck breast with balsamic grape sauce

For a romantic Valentine’s Day, why not treat your sweetheart to an out-of-the ordinary home-cooked dinner? Pin It

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A new year, a new challenge

January is the perfect month to try something new. It’s usually quiet after the holiday hubbub, and it’s easier to […]

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Favorite breakfast is perfect for weekdays, simple for guests

My current favorite breakfast—sauteed spicy chorizo with peppers, oven-baked egg, fruit, and coffee—has become a ritual Pin It

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Polenta with root vegetables—delicious and comforting

Polenta can be a versatile change-of-pace side dish. Top it with tomato-meat sauce or other sauce or, as in the […]

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Fuji apple salad with citrus-herb marinated chicken and apple-balsamic vinaigrette

  Panera Bread is one of my favorite fast-food restaurant chains. They serve healthy food made with fresh ingredients and wonderful-tasting […]

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Fish tacos with mango salsa and green rice (arroz verde)−Olé Mexico!

Serve fish tacos with attractive, brightly flavored arroz verde (green rice) on the side. For convenient preparation, the fish and rice are baked in the oven.

Overnight buckwheat pancakes with fruit syrup

My husband loves buckwheat pancakes and I love anything raised with yeast, so these are a two-for-two winner at our house. The recipe, a new discovery that might become a standby, makes dark, flavorful yet light-textured pancakes.

A festive spring menu—roast lamb

For a festive spring get-together or Easter Sunday dinner, leg of lamb is an easy and delicious main dish. This menu features a rosemary, garlic, and salt-rubbed lamb; glazed carrots; and mashed potatoes with wilted dark greens.

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Homemade salad dressings

With this post I hope to inspire you to make your own salad dressings. Homemade dressings are flavorful and fresh and can add variety and interest to greens so they won’t be just a healthy obligation but something you’ll look forward to.

Quinoa with nuts and sauteed apples

This quinoa recipe makes a delicious healthy yet festive (and gluten-free) holiday side dish. The mild flavor and satisfying heartiness of quinoa are pleasantly surprising.

Brussels sprouts roasted with bacon

Brussels sprouts were never a favorite of mine until I ran across this recipe. Here they’re combined with thick-sliced bacon and roasted until […]

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