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A new year, a new challenge

January is the perfect month to try something new. It’s usually quiet after the holiday hubbub, and it’s easier to […]

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A tale of two soups, and a slow-cooker ‘two-fer’

My husband leaves the evening meal cooking to me, but he usually fends for himself for breakfast and lunch. Pin […]

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Use leftover turkey in a rustic and nutritious soup

How have you been using your Thanksgiving leftovers? A couple of my less successful tries in previous years Pin It

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‘It’s still winter’ creamy chicken and vegetable soup

Here’s a vegetable-filled (with a touch of fruit) soup that’s creamy and is made hearty by the addition of chicken. […]

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You can’t beat (roasted) beets

My dad used to say, “You can’t beat beets.” Every time we had them. I thought that was funny, but […]

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Stick-to-your ribs Thai soup for a cold winter’s day

Thai cuisine is known for complex, aromatic flavors. Rather than blending flavors, Thai dishes artfully balance sweet, sour, salty, hot […]

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A versatile recipe for beef, venison, or vegetarian chili

Autumn weather is upon us, and once again our kitchen windows are steamy from kettles bubbling on the stove. Here […]

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Easy, colorful, and full of nutrients: chilled creamy beets soup

Pungent beets are on my short list of foods that take effort for me to eat. I’m aware of the […]

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A special romantic or holiday splurge: seafood bisque

This creamy seafood bisque made with lobster or shrimp is perfect for a holiday dinner or a special at-home Valentine’s […]

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Seafood stock recipe

This seafood stock is a delicious base for seafood bisque. Use saved-up frozen shells from shrimp, crab, or lobster.

A warm-you-up winter soup: curried carrot

There’s nothing like a steaming bowl of soup to warm up a winter’s day. I’m always on the lookout for […]

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Use summer’s bounty in freezable vegetable soup

Do you have garden corn and green beans stored away in your freezer? If so, this vegetable soup is a […]