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Cream of asparagus soup recipe

Asparagus is a wonderful springtime treat, whether as a side dish, in a salad, or, less commonly, in soup. This […]

Creamy roots soup recipe

This creamy roots soup a wonderful dish that I’ve made from time to time over the years. Every time I make it I tell myself I need to make it more often. I’ve provided some ingredient options and you can adjust it to your own taste, but make sure to include the parsnip. Parsnip is the magic ingredient that makes this soup slightly pungent and very delightful.

Peppery green pea-arugula soup

Here’s a light and healthy recipe that might help you stay on track with your New Year’s weight loss resolutions. This green pea soup is a fresher version of classic pea soup. Thank you, fellow food blogger Kari Romo for coming up with this great, budget-friendly idea!

Wild rice soup

This hearty soup might make you happy you didn’t eat up all your Thanksgiving turkey. The nutty taste of the […]

Very easy tortilla soup

Here’s a variation on chicken soup that you could eat anytime but that’s nice if you don’t feel well, because it’s easy to make and soothing.

Gingery sweet potato soup

When fall rolls around, you start wrapping up once again in those almost-forgotten sweaters, jackets, and furry-lined sheepskin boots. And you […]

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