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Bill and Eileen’s excellent Whole30 adventure: post-challenge report

Was our January Whole30 challenge worth the extra work, sacrifice of favorite foods, revamped eating habits, and changes in social […]

Eight gift ideas for the foodie in your life

Here are a few ideas for food-related gifts, in rough order from less to more expensive. There’s still time for online ordering, or some of these items might be available in your area.

An Eastern Iowa economy food tour

This blog post describes a few excellent places to dine and/or purchase food in Eastern Iowa.

Good coffee, good food, good vibe at the Kalona Coffee House

The Kalona Coffee House opened a couple of weeks ago. I, along with a lot of people in Kalona, are […]

My top 10 favorite kitchen gadgets

Kitchen gadgets can be gimmicks that catch your fancy but you never use, or they can be indispensable time savers. […]

Review of Relish online menu planner

For a couple of years I had a lot of fun with the online menu planner Relish. (FYI, I don’t get any […]