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A unique use for rhubarb: rhubarb ketchup

When searching for ways to use my backyard rhubarb, I came across an unusual recipe: rhubarb ketchup. I was intrigued so I made a batch, and I thought was good and worth sharing

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Cilantro turkey burgers recipe

These cilantro turkey burgers are a great use for rhubarb ketchup and are wonderful cooked on the grill.

Fish tacos with mango salsa and green rice (arroz verde)−Olé Mexico!

Serve fish tacos with attractive, brightly flavored arroz verde (green rice) on the side. For convenient preparation, the fish and rice are baked in the oven.

A standout chicken salad recipe

Chicken salad recipes abound, but some you want to make again and again. The first time I had this one was at a bridal shower given for me by my sister-in-law-to-be at their farmhouse in southwest Minnesota. I loved it and asked for the recipe soon after. That was over 30 years ago, and I’ve made it from time to time ever since.

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Overnight buckwheat pancakes with fruit syrup

My husband loves buckwheat pancakes and I love anything raised with yeast, so these are a two-for-two winner at our house. The recipe, a new discovery that might become a standby, makes dark, flavorful yet light-textured pancakes.

Corn pudding recipe

This rich, satisfying, and simple corn pudding is a crowd-pleasing side dish with ham.

A festive spring menu—roast lamb

For a festive spring get-together or Easter Sunday dinner, leg of lamb is an easy and delicious main dish. This menu features a rosemary, garlic, and salt-rubbed lamb; glazed carrots; and mashed potatoes with wilted dark greens.

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White bean dip and pita wedges

This nutritious and flavorful white bean dip has been a favorite of mine going back several years. Serve it with the toasted pita wedges as in the recipe, or with purchased pita chips. Also included in this post is a recipe for delicious, crusty gluten-free pita bread

Baked oatmeal two ways

Amish- or Pennsylvania Dutch-style baked oatmeal is buttery and a little like oatmeal cookies or granola. Another style is creamy and porridge-like with a lovely brown sugar layer on top. Both are good in their own way, so here are recipes for each.

Seven-layer bars recipe

In case you’re among the few people who don’t have the recipe for ever-popular, easy-to-make seven layer bars, here it is. You can make these bars gluten-free by substituting ground-up sorghum crackers for the graham cracker crumbs. Instructions are also included for making the bars dairy-free.

Sorghum crackers recipe

These graham-like crackers are made with sorghum flour. You might call them “sor-graham” crackers. Homemade graham crackers have wonderful, complex flavors of wheat germ and bran that are unique to wheat. These sorghum crackers have a nice bright flavor from the sorghum flour.

Graham crackers recipe

So many foods are better homemade. Store-bought graham crackers are OK for crumb crusts and even s’mores, but they don’t have a lot of flavor on their own. These homemade graham crackers made with fresh butter and hearty, nutty stone ground graham flour are quite tasty and enjoyable as a standalone snack.