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Homemade salad dressings

With this post I hope to inspire you to make your own salad dressings. Homemade dressings are flavorful and fresh and can add variety and interest to greens so they won’t be just a healthy obligation but something you’ll look forward to.

Date nut bread and mango chutney cheese spread

Date nut bread is a classic. This recipe won me over a few years ago with its rustic, slightly crusty […]

Dutch apple pancake recipe

This sugary, eggy oven pancake makes a delicious brunch served with a little maple syrup and bacon, ham, or sausage.

Pretty Valentine’s Day brownie bites

These brownies are chocolaty and have a nice, nutty texture. To make brownies extra special—from this recipe or a mix—cut into heart shaped bites with a cookie cutter, dip in melted white or cherry chips, and add sprinkles.

Spaghetti with roasted squash recipe

This spaghetti with roasted squash is fragrant with roasted garlic, nutmeg, and browned butter.

Creamy roots soup recipe

This creamy roots soup a wonderful dish that I’ve made from time to time over the years. Every time I make it I tell myself I need to make it more often. I’ve provided some ingredient options and you can adjust it to your own taste, but make sure to include the parsnip. Parsnip is the magic ingredient that makes this soup slightly pungent and very delightful.

Lemon-poppy seed muffins (gluten-free)

To add interest to a light, healthy lunch or supper, serve with a slightly sweet bread like these lemon poppy-seed muffins.

Almond flour and honey drop biscuits

These almond flour and honey drop biscuits are light and pleasing, and gluten-free. They might even win out over conventional flour biscuits. They’d be great and an added protein boost alongside a hearty, healthy main-dish soup.

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Peppery green pea-arugula soup

Here’s a light and healthy recipe that might help you stay on track with your New Year’s weight loss resolutions. This green pea soup is a fresher version of classic pea soup. Thank you, fellow food blogger Kari Romo for coming up with this great, budget-friendly idea!

Apple cider-venison stew

Here is a hearty apple cider-venison stew recipe. A hunter friend who tasted it told me that people who think they don’t like venison should try this recipe. If you don’t have deer meat, elk is similar to venison, or use beef stew meat.

Tangy mustard pretzel dip

Are you planning Super Bowl party food yet? Here’s a great make-ahead pretzel dip recipe that’s tangy and addictive.

Spiced nuts

These spiced nuts are great for snacking (at a Super Bowl party, maybe?) or on salads. They keep well, so they’re great as holiday gifts or make-ahead munchies.