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A flavorful dip or spread: roasted carrot hummus

This nontraditional hummus is made with roasted carrots and tahini (sesame paste) but without the usual garbanzo beans. Pin It

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Avocado mayonnaise (no-egg!)

For anyone who loves mayonnaise but can’t tolerate eggs, here is an easy recipe for mayonnaise made with avocado. It’s […]

BLT-ranch iceberg wedge—a crunchy treat of a salad

Does iceberg lettuce wrongly have a reputation for being the junk food of the vegetable world? Pin It

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Dairy-free homemade ranch dressing recipe

This homemade ranch dressing has rich, delicious flavor and is dairy-free. For an even more wonderful dressing, use homemade mayonnaise.

Fruit salad dressing—sweet and memory-rich

This recipe is one that I first made in my teens. A neighborhood friend told me her mom had a […]

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White bean dip and pita wedges

This nutritious and flavorful white bean dip has been a favorite of mine going back several years. Serve it with the toasted pita wedges as in the recipe, or with purchased pita chips. Also included in this post is a recipe for delicious, crusty gluten-free pita bread

Tangy mustard pretzel dip

Are you planning Super Bowl party food yet? Here’s a great make-ahead pretzel dip recipe that’s tangy and addictive.