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Fizzy low-sugar beverages for summer, and a coconut water ‘cocktail’

If you’re trying to cut back on sugary soda but want a refreshing and fizzy beverage for summer barbecues, there […]

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Heighten hydration with flavor-infused water

Do you succeed in getting your recommended 8 glasses of liquids daily? If so, good for you! I don’t— Pin […]

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How to make your own coconut milk

Homemade coconut milk is fairly easy to make, and it’s a good way to use up extra coconut. Also, it […]

Luscious lemon bars made with almond and coconut flour

With their delicate, tangy flavor and shortbread crust, almond bars are a favorite crowd-pleasing dessert. They’re also high in sugar. […]

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A spot of tea, summer style—iced green tea latte

In a news report during London summer Olympics coverage I heard that Brits drink on average five cups of tea […]

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Cold-brewed iced coffee: a summer pleasure

Coffee is one of my favorite simple pleasures. As if I needed a reason to drink it, it also gives […]

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Enjoy diet change with a delicious carrot-ginger smoothie

When I got out my summer clothes recently and they had gotten too snug, at first I was alarmed, and […]

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Why liquefy good food? And a green smoothie recipe

Until I decided to get serious about weight loss recently, I considered smoothies a waste of good food that would […]

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Mint soda recipe, and a bit about mints

Mint is so hardy and the varieties are so appealing that I would highly recommend a garden patch or containers […]

Sun-brewed or cold-brewed iced tea

Are you trying to get away from sugary soft drinks? Sun tea is a great summer beverage. It’s easy to […]

Spicy homemade ginger ale

One of my favorite restaurants is Big Bowl. I used to eat at their various locations when I lived in […]

Refreshing homemade honey lemonade

What’s better on a hot day than a refreshing lemonade? Here’s a recipe for this classic made from scratch. The […]