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Refrigerator pickles recipe, and a pickle memory

This summer was my first time making pickles. It was necessary; cucumbers kept arriving each week in our CSA (community-supported […]

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A simple appetizer is a (prosciutto) wrap!

If you need a quick and healthful but impressive party snack or appetizer, here’s one that takes only a few […]

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My top tools that make food prep fun

Just because I love good food doesn’t mean I always enjoy working in the kitchen. If I could I’d just […]

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Eight gift ideas for the foodie in your life

Here are a few ideas for food-related gifts, in rough order from less to more expensive. There’s still time for online ordering, or some of these items might be available in your area.

Favorite Halloween candy that’s gluten-free and low allergen

Do you want to give gluten-free or low-allergen candy to your trick-or-treaters? Here are a few popular options to consider.

My top 10 favorite kitchen gadgets

Kitchen gadgets can be gimmicks that catch your fancy but you never use, or they can be indispensable time savers. […]