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A handy method for safer eggs

My brother likes to make Caesar salad for his family on special occasions. Because traditional Caesar dressing contains raw egg […]

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Frugal turkey thighs with sage – grilled or oven-roasted

Sometimes you want a dinner that’s easy, elegant, and affordable. Turkey Marietta, with sage, garlic, and salt,is all of these.  […]

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How to cook dried black beans

It’s easy, economical, and healthful to cook your own dried black beans to use in soups or chili instead of […]

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Homemade salad dressings

With this post I hope to inspire you to make your own salad dressings. Homemade dressings are flavorful and fresh and can add variety and interest to greens so they won’t be just a healthy obligation but something you’ll look forward to.

Peppery green pea-arugula soup

Here’s a light and healthy recipe that might help you stay on track with your New Year’s weight loss resolutions. This green pea soup is a fresher version of classic pea soup. Thank you, fellow food blogger Kari Romo for coming up with this great, budget-friendly idea!

An Eastern Iowa economy food tour

This blog post describes a few excellent places to dine and/or purchase food in Eastern Iowa.