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Dairy-free homemade ranch dressing recipe

This homemade ranch dressing has rich, delicious flavor and is dairy-free. For an even more wonderful dressing, use homemade mayonnaise.

Favorite homemade mayonnaise has Meyer lemon juice and light olive oil

Some of our most common convenience foods are close (or not-so-close) versions of their homemade counterparts. Pin It

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Have a sweet but low-sugar Valentine’s Day

When you think of romantic Valentine’s Day food, your first thought might be of chocolate. I never believed Valentine’s was […]

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A twist on hummus

Hummus typically contains garbanzo beans (chickpeas) and tahini. This recipe, inspired by one in The Blooming Platter Cookbook, takes liberties with the […]

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Mix varieties and roast apples for flavorful chunky applesauce

Applesauce can be made very simply by just cooking apples on the stove, but roasting them for a few minutes […]

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Basic gravy recipe with gluten-free or grain-free options

Gravy is something I very seldom make except on holidays, so in case you’re like me and have to refer […]

Fruit salad dressing—sweet and memory-rich

This recipe is one that I first made in my teens. A neighborhood friend told me her mom had a […]

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For simple entertaining or a special weeknight: roast chicken with lemon sauce

There’s something special about a whole chicken browned and piping hot from the oven. This recipe is for basic, unadorned […]

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Fuji apple salad with citrus-herb marinated chicken and apple-balsamic vinaigrette

  Panera Bread is one of my favorite fast-food restaurant chains. They serve healthy food made with fresh ingredients and wonderful-tasting […]

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Have your basil now and later—make pesto!

Lovely basil is so fragrant, and it’s so easy to grow. If you have an abundance, making it into pesto […]

A unique use for rhubarb: rhubarb ketchup

When searching for ways to use my backyard rhubarb, I came across an unusual recipe: rhubarb ketchup. I was intrigued so I made a batch, and I thought was good and worth sharing

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Fish tacos with mango salsa and green rice (arroz verde)−Olé Mexico!

Serve fish tacos with attractive, brightly flavored arroz verde (green rice) on the side. For convenient preparation, the fish and rice are baked in the oven.