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How to cook dried black beans

It’s easy, economical, and healthful to cook your own dried black beans to use in soups or chili instead of […]

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Basic gravy recipe with gluten-free or grain-free options

Gravy is something I very seldom make except on holidays, so in case you’re like me and have to refer […]

Showcase cherries in a rustic French dessert

Lately, beautiful bags of plump red cherries have been catching my eye in the produce aisle, giving me the idea […]

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Eat your heart out, Ben and Jerry’s! Homemade ‘Chunky Monkey’ ice cream

For years I said no to ice cream because it’s so calorie-dense and so easy to overdo, but lately I […]

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My experience with celiac disease in the house

My husband has celiac disease. What that means in short is that he can’t digest and is actually harmed by […]

How to separate egg yolk and whites – step by step

Sometimes in conversations about food, people will tell me they don’t cook. When I hear that, my first thoughts are, […]

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Why liquefy good food? And a green smoothie recipe

Until I decided to get serious about weight loss recently, I considered smoothies a waste of good food that would […]

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My top tools that make food prep fun

Just because I love good food doesn’t mean I always enjoy working in the kitchen. If I could I’d just […]

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Mother’s Day memories, and basic planting in 5 steps

For me, gardening is integral to cooking, because I get a lot of pleasure from harvesting a bit of cilantro, […]

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About sweeteners, and a glazed carrots recipe

Sugar is all around us in foods. It’s hidden in multiple types in processed food to help it taste better […]

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My experience dyeing a flokati rug

Here is an off-food-blog topic that I’m including because it may be useful information that I was unable to find […]

Eight gift ideas for the foodie in your life

Here are a few ideas for food-related gifts, in rough order from less to more expensive. There’s still time for online ordering, or some of these items might be available in your area.