Mother’s Day memories, and basic planting in 5 steps

Mom's Day Flowers

Bedding plants on the doorstep, a Mother’s Day tradition

For me, gardening is integral to cooking, because I get a lot of pleasure from harvesting a bit of cilantro, parsley, rosemary or what have you from my garden to add to my cuisine. And gardening always takes me back to my family roots (no pun intended). My mom’s parents raised vegetables and flowers as long as they were able, and for as long as she could my mom planted flowers and had a beautiful lineup of roses.

When I was growing up, for Mother’s Day my dad would take us to the nursery where we’d pick out whatever annuals struck our fancy. Then we’d come home, put them on the front step, and ring the doorbell. Mom would always act surprised, but she didn’t have to pretend to be pleased. In my family we’ve kept that tradition, and over the years I’ve happily enjoyed whatever plants I received from my son.

When it was time for my mom to plant, I’d watch. Dig, water, place, cover, water. Five easy steps. My instructions here are just the essentials, but when I plant I still follow this procedure and think of those times with my mom. For a little more detail see How To Plant Bedding Plants & Annual Color at Weekend Gardner.

Photos and directions are below.

Planting Step 1. Dig.

Step 1: Dig. Dig a hole. Make it as deep as and slightly wider than the plant.

Planting Step 2

Step 2: Water. Place an inch or two of water in the hole.

Planting Step 3

Step 3: Place. Remove the plant from the container, if necessary, and place in the hole. Today, you can buy or start plants in biodegradable containers you place right in the ground. This is a great idea for convenience and environmental friendliness.

Planting Step 4

Step 4: Cover. Push dirt back into place around the plant.

Planting Step 5

Step 5: Water. Add a little more water to the soil around the plant.

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    I love this idea! I know what my kids are getting Nana’s this year!!

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