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Rhubarb streusel muffins—A sweet day-starter

Spring is the time of year when low-maintenance, perennial rhubarb pops up in yards everywhere. Before the fleeting season is […]

White bean dip and pita wedges

This nutritious and flavorful white bean dip has been a favorite of mine going back several years. Serve it with the toasted pita wedges as in the recipe, or with purchased pita chips. Also included in this post is a recipe for delicious, crusty gluten-free pita bread

Sorghum crackers recipe

These graham-like crackers are made with sorghum flour. You might call them “sor-graham” crackers. Homemade graham crackers have wonderful, complex flavors of wheat germ and bran that are unique to wheat. These sorghum crackers have a nice bright flavor from the sorghum flour.

Graham crackers recipe

So many foods are better homemade. Store-bought graham crackers are OK for crumb crusts and even s’mores, but they don’t have a lot of flavor on their own. These homemade graham crackers made with fresh butter and hearty, nutty stone ground graham flour are quite tasty and enjoyable as a standalone snack.

Date nut bread and mango chutney cheese spread

Date nut bread is a classic. This recipe won me over a few years ago with its rustic, slightly crusty […]

Pretty Valentine’s Day brownie bites

These brownies are chocolaty and have a nice, nutty texture. To make brownies extra special—from this recipe or a mix—cut into heart shaped bites with a cookie cutter, dip in melted white or cherry chips, and add sprinkles.

Lemon-poppy seed muffins (gluten-free)

To add interest to a light, healthy lunch or supper, serve with a slightly sweet bread like these lemon poppy-seed muffins.

Almond flour and honey drop biscuits

These almond flour and honey drop biscuits are light and pleasing, and gluten-free. They might even win out over conventional flour biscuits. They’d be great and an added protein boost alongside a hearty, healthy main-dish soup.

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Hand-mixed brown rice flour piecrust

Basic piecrust mixed by hand is simple once you get the hang of it. This recipe also gives instructions for making a gluten-free crust with one-to-one substitution of brown rice flour.

An Eastern Iowa economy food tour

This blog post describes a few excellent places to dine and/or purchase food in Eastern Iowa.